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Harvard Business Review

Exit Interviews

A series of illustrations for the Harvard Business Review, for an article on exit interviews. An employee is lost in a labyrinth with no exit. The spot illustrations are connected to the main illustration via a ladder, a staircase and a pole, acting as sub-rooms of the labyrinth.

Illustration: Nicolas Ménard
Art Direction: Matthew Guemple

Vanity Fair

March 2016 Mailbag Stamps

Every month, Vanity Fair commissions an artist to design a pair of stamps for their magazine's mailbag column. The core concept is always the same: both stamps should be connected in a playful way. Two different designs were executed for the editors to choose from.

Illustration: Nicolas Ménard
Art Direction: Tonya Douraghy


Printed & animated poster

A poster design for the 2015 Souk@Sat in Montreal, a “bazaar organized in a loft-style space, where one can find a multitude of contemporary creations by Montrealers”. The client was looking for a surreal image of a floating structure that would also invoke a social hub.

Illustration & Animation: Nicolas Ménard
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Studio Pilote

Broken Clocks



Stereo pop

Looping Animations for Projection

I was commissioned by Stereo pop (a French-Canadian TV show airing on Radio-Canada) to deliver a series of looping animations for a singer's performance on stage.

Design & Direction: Nicolas Ménard
Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Nicolas Ménard
3D Modeling: Dara Cazamea

People, Misunderstandings & Furniture

Personal Work

Confusion with furniture, heartfelt camaraderie, thinking cylinders and other human studies.

Tourist's Illuminate

Music Video

Watch Film ↗

In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn't exist yet, he's left confused. What could this mean? The aesthetic was influenced by retro video games X (Gameboy) and The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner (NES). Have a look at the accompanying Tumblr here.

Production Company: Nexus
Producer: Beccy McCray
Direction and Design: Nicolas Ménard
Full credits on Vimeo

Car Men


Exploring the relationship between men and car, car and men, men and men.

Walk the Walk

Animated GIF

For the NYC People's Climate March, Purpose commissioned animators and artists to deliver an animated GIF of a POV walk.

Commissioned by: Purpose

The End


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